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Fire Safety

Fire Safety is one issue that is never awarded the attention it deserves in our country. Whenever we travel or even when we are out on a walk, we are always aware of our surroundings and our mind is always alert about everything that is going on around us. We are always aware that we are not safe on road or while travelling. However, in our everyday lives, what we fail to realize is that we are at risk even when we are in our own offices and homes, let alone hospitals, cinema halls, malls, multiplexes, and a range of other places that we always take for granted day in and day out, in spite of fire risk.

A survey carried out by the Fire Department in a metro city showed that more than 95 per cent of residential, commercial and other buildings that saw a considerable amount of people congregating there were at serious risk from fire hazards. The recent fire at the Mantralaya in Mumbai which saw innocent visitors and employees burn to death, and the terrible fire in a hospital in Kolkata which saw 81 people including patients face a fiery death are only a couple of examples that point out to the apathetic approach that we have towards fire safety norms.

In spite of these and even more incidents, both the Government as well as the common man has not made any changes that would point towards the respect one has for life and property. Property can yet be reconstructed and compensated for, but what about the loss of life? Can a few measly thousands of rupees from the Government truly compensate for the loss of a precious human life? A life once lost is lost forever.

The first ever fire safety consultancy firm, “FIRE CHIEF” - Fire Safety Consultants and Engineers is now here to change the way fire safety is regarded in the country. Established by an experienced firefighter who knows all there is to fire safety and saving lives, the firm is set to change fire safety for the better.


Director - Mr. Kiran A. Kadam

"The Ex Chief Fire Officer" of the Mumbai Fire Brigade has over 38 years of extensive experience in the field of fire fighting operations, fire prevention, fire protection, fire engineering, training etc. As the Chief Fire Officer, Mr. Kadam has been responsible for issuing No Objection Certificates for many high-rise residential as well as commercial buildings in the bustling city of Mumbai. Presently acting as a Fire Consultant to a string of clientele, “FIRE CHIEF” Fire Safety Consultants and Engineers is a result of this man’s dedication towards the safety of public lives.

On the educational front, Mr. Kadam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the Mumbai University and an Advance Diploma in Fire Engineering from the National Fire Service College in Nagpur.

On the professional front, Mr. Kadam has an extensive experience that can be matched by few others. He has attended innumerable seminars related to fire safety activities, and was also responsible in imparting to various officers and staff members of the fire brigade. He has worked closely with the State Fire Training Center of the Government of Maharashtra under the able guidance of the fire advisor to the state. Mr. Kadam has also carried out official inspections of fire engines and special appliances in India and Germany at the ‘Brantosky Lift’ workshop.

Honorary Advisor (Technical) - Mr. Kartik K. Kadam

Marine Engineer in Merchant Navy with 10 years of technical experience in operation and maintenance of various machineries of power plant. Also has experience in Occupational Health and Safety related matters and has served as Health and Safety Officer on board ship worldwide with Teekay Shipping (Canada). Sailed worldwide on Oil Tanker Ships of various types and sizes (Product, Aframax, Suezmax).

Participated in many Ship Surveys and Vetting Inspection in different countries worldwide.

Worked with Multi Nationals like British, Indian, Italian, Spanish, Filipino, Pakistani, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Croatian, Latvian, Polish, Georgian, Bulgarian, Russian, Japanese and Korean.